The service works across Kent County Council and therefore with a large number of schools and families. We learn how to improve our service but we also like to hear about what we have done well and what we should keep on doing! Below are some examples of anonymised feedback that we have received.

Our daughter has had a difficult year. A confident young lady who suffered a transformation after a viral infection, her confident, athletic nature changed dramatically after a few weeks of illness. Our family cannot thank [outreach worker] enough and your new KCC service behind her. My daughter has improved so much recently, thank you to your vital service, please extend our gratitude to [outreach worker] and all concerned. We have only just recently just started to see a breakthrough on the schooling front and we are truly hoping that your support continues to help us complete our daughter’s healing.

Parent of pupil

Many, many thanks for your swift response and the good news that [pupil name] will receive tuition. Wonderful to know the system works!

SENCO of primary school after a pupil was diagnosed with a serious medical condition

It has been a pleasure to work with you and I do believe the testament to a good outcome is that [young person] came to Prom, looked amazing and is coming back to 6th form.  You worked so hard with her and I know she really trusted you.

Member of staff from student support services