KS1 and KS2 pupils are normally entered for National Assessment in Year 2 and Year 6 by their mainstream schools and their results are incorporated into the performance tables of their home schools. Cohort members are too small to give any meaningful analysis.

Year 11 pupils are entered for GCSE and other national accreditations by both KHNES and their home schools. As pupils are Dual roll all the results count towards the performance tables of their home schools. In common with other PRU’s the DfE does not publish performance statistics for KHNES. However KHNES does collate aggregated statistics of all results for all pupils irrespective of the entering institution.

Every year the individual hubs that make up KHNES has pupils of year 12 age who retake of year 11 due to ill health in year 11. In compiling the statistics below we aim to separate these results out from the true year 11’s.


Exam and Assessment results 2019

Destination Data 2019


Exam and Assessment results 2018

Destination Data 2018


Exam and Assessment results 2017

Destination Data 2017


Summary of GCSE results

Destination Data


Summary of GCSE results